Its a new year, its a new term, its time to step up your game

Its 5th January 2019.  I am at the end of the Christmas break.  Its been a good break.  I love Christmas. I love spending time with my family and friends and chilling.   I feel more rested after this break than for as long as I can remember.  I have deliberately allowed myself to wind down and NOT think about work and all that is waiting for me when I go back on Monday.  Its a good thing to do.  I could easily aspire for the holidays to continue and the downtime to be repeated.   But, I do love my job.  I enjoy the people around me.  I enjoy working with teachers and students.   I refuse to be negative at this time in the year.   I am looking forward to Mondy morning.  I can’t wait to catch up with my pupils.  To hear about their Christmas break.   I can’t wait to hear from my colleagues – to hear about the places they have been to over the break; the people they have hung out with; the experiences that they have had.

Its a new year.  Its a new term.  Its time for new opportunities.  Its time to do something different.   Its time to BE that difference.   Its time to change lives and attitudes and outlooks.   Its time to challenge.  Its time to encourage.   Its time to invest in people – in students.  To not give up.  To refuse to allow them to give up.  Its time to step up your game.   Happy new year.    #letsgo


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