The water-filled canyons at Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

About a year ago I decided that my next project was going to be travel writing.   I love to travel and whilst I haven’t made it round the world just yet – there are many places that I have been to where there are stories that need to be told.

My long-suffering family have had to put up with my interest in all things geographical and historical as I trailed them around some of the most amazing sites.   I also am a highly organised planner of holidays.  I spend a lot of time researching what we can do to make sure that we can squeeze the life out of every waking moment as we visit a place.   No second is wasted.  We make sure that we do every single thing that we can.   Our philosophy is that we want to make sure that we do everything so that we dont have to come back.  Though, the weird thing is, that usually if we really enjoy a place – we want to revist that expereience again and again.

So – I contacted a few places that took commissions for travel writing and I followed up a few.  To start small – I thought I would try to write for some of the airline magazines.  I got a great comission from WOW air to write a few articles about places to visit in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Instead of paying me real money they would give me vouchers for flights to Iceland – happy days!   Then, of course the airline went bust and I was back to square one.

So – I am back to thinking about travel writing again and I am going to stick a few short articles up here onto my blog site BUT at the same time I am writing a travel book about Iceland.  I’m not going to say too much more at this point but  . . . . it seems to be going well.


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